Plan Document Solutions, Inc. is a company that specializes in plan documents.  We worked with TPAs and attorneys when developing these documents.  Protection of the plan sponsor, elimination of stop loss claim issues, and defense of the plan provisions were some of the things that we based the development of these documents on. We have done everything that we can to ensure that you are receiving savings when you choose to use us as your plan document service provider.

Included are standard templates with library options from which you can choose the best language to suit you needs. The libraries have the most common options that TPAs are using today. Modification of our documents is quite simple, and each Microsoft Word document can be customized to fit your individual clients.  

Monthly License Agreement
When you license your documents with us, you will receive the best pricing and payment options, while receiving stellar service and discounts.

Our ongoing License Agreement includes document templates, library options, instructions for use, updates (as they become available or necessary), and four hours per month of clerical and formatting support.  The Monthly License Agreement has a minimum term of 12 months, or you can choose a 24-month term for added savings.  

We have two different types of medical templates available:  a detailed plan and a condensed plan.  Our detailed plan offers more benefit options for you and your clients to choose from, while our condensed plan incorporates all benefits into one document, and is more simplified with shorter checklists and most of the standard options already included.

If you are interested in licensing more than one document template, please contact us for custom multi-plan pricing.

Preparation Only Services
For those wishing to outsource their document preparation, Plan Document Solutions, Inc. provides preparation only services, which allow you the flexibility of customizing your documents, without having to purchase or license our document templates.

Our Preparation Only Services include document preparation from a checklist that you complete and forward to us.  Document preparation turn-around time is ten business days for medical documents and five business days for flex documents.  The pricing structure listed below is for the first draft fee, and additional drafts will be billed at our standard hourly rates.

Download (DOC, 75KB)